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Minnesota Concealed Carry Law

Minnesota Concealed Carry Law

Minnesota strongly upholds the Second Amendment rights of its citizens. Minnesota history is steeped hunting and fishing. The state has an open policy toward both resident and nonresident gun owners. Minnesota is a “shall issue” state. A Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol is available to both residents and nonresidents.

Applicants for the Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol must complete a firearms training course.

By March 1, 2020 over 301,000 people had current Minnesota Permits to carry a pistol.

Under the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Legislation, Minnesota honors state concealed carry permits with regulations similar to the Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol. To date, this includes fifteen states. This link provides a current list of state CCW permits accepted by Minnesota.

Minnesota is a gun-friendly state. However, it does not condone “stand and defend”. State policy favors shooting restraint. Minnesota citizens have a legal duty to retreat when at all possible. When it comes to self-defense, you are justified in shooting only if you realistically believe your life or property is threatened. Use of your weapon is a last resort.



Purchasing a Gun In Minnesota?

If you want to buy a handgun or a semiautomatic military-style assault weapon, you must have a permit to carry. Your Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol allows you to purchase handguns and some semi-automatic rifles. When you purchase a Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol, you are able to both concealed and open carry.

Federally licensed dealers may not sell or transfer a rifle or shotgun to anyone under eighteen. There is no minimum age for private sales. If you wish to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer, you must be twenty-one.

No permit is required to purchase or transfer rifles or shotguns. However, you must undergo a background check through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System. If you purchase a gun from a private owner—such as at a gun show or online—you do not have to undergo a background check.


Where Can You Carry a Weapon In Minnesota?

You can carry your gun in Minnesota if you have a Minnesota Permit to carry a Pistol and you are at least twenty-one.

In Minnesota, you may carry in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol as long as the establishment has not posted a “no guns allowed” sign and you are not drinking.

You may carry at roadside rest areas, Minnesota state parks, forest recreation areas, and wildlife management areas unless posted as a no guns area.

In Minnesota, you may carry if you are traveling on a private plane.

You may carry in a place of worship as long as there is no sign prohibiting firearms.


Where is Carrying a Gun Prohibited in Minnesota?

The state does not allow open or concealed carry if you do not have a Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol.

In Minnesota, you may not carry in the buildings or grounds of elementary or secondary schools or on school buses. It is illegal to carry in hospital, state penitentiaries or any private or public businesses that have posted no guns signs.

You may not carry in any childcare center. You may not carry at the state capitol, state game refuges, or any jail or correctional facility. You may not carry at the Minnesota Zoological Garden.

You may not carry if you have been drinking or taking drugs.


Minnesota Firearms Training Course

Those who wish to apply for a Minnesota Permit to Carry a Pistol must show successful completion of a firearms training course. This may be an onsite course offered by the Department of Natural Resources. Click here for details

It can also be an onsite course offered by a qualified instructor.

Minnesota also accepts online firearms training certification by state-approved providers like National Carry Academy (


How to apply for your Virginia Non-Resident Permit:

To apply for your VA non-resident Permit visit: can also go to and on the left side of the page click the link for “firearms/concealed handguns” and then click on “Nonresident Concealed Handgun Permits” link.This will bring you to a page that details the application process. You can begin the application process immediately by downloading their checklist of all the documents that need to be prepared to make your application.This webpage will give you everything you need to apply.



To obtain your Virginia Non Resident Carry Permit/License, you will need to submit an additional $100 made payable to the Virginia Police.

This class/training is only valid for one year before you apply for your permit.  If you do not apply within one year, your training will not be valid and you will have to retake training per state law.


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Secretary of State: makes no representations or warranties regarding its customers’ legal right or ability to carry a firearm in states with reciprocal permit to carry or conceal and carry agreements with other jurisdictions. Though the state-specific certification our customers receive will allow them to apply for a permit under the laws of the state for which our classes are designed, such certification may not give you the legal right or ability to apply for permits in other states, including your home state. You should consult with appropriate law enforcement officials, or your own legal counsel, to determine whether or not the certification you receive from our courses will make you eligible apply for a permit in a particular state, or to otherwise carry a firearm in that state.